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Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar takes its name from the village of Cheddar in England, where it was originally sold, but the name also refers to the ‘cheddaring’ method of manufacture.

In traditional cheddaring, blocks of cheese curd are stacked on top of each other almost like laying bricks, releasing moisture and creating the unique Cheddar texture.

Cheddars can also be made by the stirred method. Stirred curd Cheddars are simply stirred which produces a more open-textured cheese. For Colby, the curd is also washed which creates a soft and gentle flavoured cheese.

Cheddars may be wrapped in cloth, waxed or packed in plastic packaging and then allowed to mature at controlled temperatures.

As Cheddar cheese ages, its texture changes from smooth and pliable to dry and crumbly. Flavour also develops from a mild, buttery taste to rich and sharp.

Cheddar cheese has always been a dependable and tasty stand-by for a quick snack or sandwich filling, but there is a lot more to Australia’s most popular cheese.

You will find there is a Cheddar for every taste and usage – from mild, supple ones that slice well and are favoured by kids to rich, crumbly aged cheddars with bite and a lingering flavour that leaves you wanting more.