All About Cheese

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Selecting & Serving

Big Cheese. A mammoth cheddar cheese, made by Canadian farmers and weighing 10,000kg, was put on display at the 1866 World’s Fair in Chicago and promptly crashed through the floor! It was later installed on reinforced concrete and went on to receive a bronze medal.

In general, look for Cheddar that is free from dry patches or cracks. Depending on the age of the cheese, the texture will vary from smooth to crumbly, so allow for this when choosing.

Cheddar cheese is the king of versatility! Slice it, grate it, cube it, shred it, melt it or crumble it, and add a little fine Cheddar flavour to a sandwich, salad or favourite dish.

Store it right

Although it is acceptable to wrap Cheddar Cheeses in plastic wrap for short periods for home use, it’s best to store them by wrapping the cheese in greaseproof paper and over-wrapping with aluminium foil.

Make sure to replace the wrapping regularly.

Store in the fridge in a separate compartment or a large, sealed plastic container.