All About Cheese

Brie & Strawberries


Mild Cheddars and Colby

Mild Cheddars are aged for 3-6 months and have a subtle, buttery flavour. They have a supple body so will slice well for sandwich-making and grating.

Colby originated in Wisconsin and is a very mild-mannered, pliable cheese that is best eaten young.

Tasty Cheddars

Waxed Cheddar Tasty

Also known as Semi-Matured or Matured Cheddar, Tasty Cheddar cheeses  are typically aged from 6–12 months and can be waxed or plastic wrapped. By this stage, they have developed a definite tang and more textured body.

South Cape Smooth & Tasty, South Cape Tasty Matured and Australian Gold Tasty Cheddar are classic Tasty cheeses with creaminess and bite.  

Reduced fat Cheddars typically contain 25% less fat than regular Cheddar and Australian Gold Reduced Fat Cheddar is a good example of one that still retains a rich, tangy taste.

Smoked Cheddars, like Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar from King Island Dairy, have been naturally smoked using wood chips, to give an extra dimension of flavour.

For something different, try flavoured Cheddars such as King Island Dairy Discovery Bush Pepper Cheddar.


Cloth Cheddar Vintage

Vintage Cheddars are at least 12 months old and have a characteristic cheddar ‘bite’ and full-bodied flavour.  They are typically more crumbly and are often matured in cloth or waxed.

Try King Island Dairy’s Surprise Bay Cheddar, Black Label Cheddar Cloth Matured Cheddar; South Cape Vintage Cheddar or Australian Gold Vintage Cheddar.

Club Cheddars

MV Chilli Cheddar Club

Club Cheddar is a blend of cheddars and other matured cheeses that create a very tasty cheese.

Classic Club cheeses, like those made by Tilba, are rich and creamy. They come available smoked or flavoured with peppercorns or sun-dried tomatoes.

An Australian favourite, Mersey Valley Club is particularly prized for its melt-in-the-mouth texture. It is soft and crumbly, with a sharp, rich bite that has given it quite a following.  Often combined with tantalising flavours including basil, garlic, peppercorns or sweet chilli, the Mersey Valley range is an innovative addition to a cheese platter.

English-style Cheeses

There are also other English-style cheeses which are variations on the Cheddar style and usually named for the region they came from.

Red Leceister, like the one made by South Cape, is a mild cheese with a distinctive, orange-red colour formed by the addition of annatto. Annatto comes from a natural South American seed and has a peppery, nutmeg-like flavour.
South Cape Cheshire is a white, crumbly and tangy cheese.

Lancashire is a creamy yellow, crumbly tasty cheese, which becomes more robust with age.

Gloucester is a flaky textured cheese with a buttery but tangy flavour. Single Gloucester is partly made from reduced-fat milk, whereas Double Gloucester, made by South Cape, is made from full-cream milk and has a richer taste.