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Brie & Strawberries

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Quince Cheddar, Try This
  • Spread slices of breadstick with quince paste and top with shards of Vintage Cheddar.
  • Top puff pastry squares with a little quince paste and grated vintage Cheddar and bake until golden.
  • Mix grated Cheddar cheese and green apple into a savoury muffin mix and sprinkle with sesame seeds prior to baking. 
  • Fill soft tortillas with taco mince and grated Cheddar and cook in a sandwich press until golden.
  • Make the best bbq burger or steak sandwich in town with caramelised onions, grilled tomato or capsicum, chargrilled bacon and a fat slice of vintage Cheddar.
  • Wrap a stick of Cheddar in a slice of ham for a lunchbox treat.
  • Pop a cube of Cheddar in the centre of chicken meatballs before cooking for a creamy, surprise centre.