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Eye cheeses, like the Swiss-style Emmental, were first made in the monasteries and abbeys of the French Alps and Switzerland, and became popular throughout Europe because they kept well and were easy to transport. They are now made in many places throughout the world, including Australia.

Usually made in large wheels and covered with a thin wax, the smooth texture of the cheese is supple and pliable but firm enough to cut, slice or grate. Eye cheeses come in both wedges and blocks, but the wedges tend to be moister in texture and are therefore a better choice.

The almost flowery aroma of these cheeses and holey texture are developed by the specially selected cultures that are added during cheesemaking.

With a smooth, satiny texture and touch of sweetness, eye cheeses (most well known as Swiss-style cheeses), are loved for their easy eating and versatility.

You will easily spot this type of cheese by the ‘eyes’ or holes in its body. Sometimes the size of a five-cent piece or as small as a pin-hole, these eyes will vary in size, depending on the cheesemaking method.

The sweet, nutty and very mild taste of these cheeses, as well as the wonderful way they melt in cooking, make them a very practical partner in the kitchen.