All About Cheese

Brie & Strawberries

Selecting & Serving

When enjoying a cheesy fondue, it is customary to stir in a figure eight pattern and make sure not to double-dip. Swiss tradition also says if a man drops his nugget of bread into the pot, he buys the next round, and if it’s a woman, she must kiss the man on her left!

Whether you are buying eye cheese styles cut from the wheel or as pre-wrapped wedges, look for smooth, supple cheese with shiny ‘eyes’ that don’t have any moisture or ‘tears’ in them.

The versatility of eye cheeses makes them ideal for serving at the table, on a cheese platter or cooking with.  Grated, sliced or shaved, a little Swiss-style cheese, Gouda, Edam or Gruyere adds a pleasant nutty flavour to any dish.

Store it right

Although it is acceptable to wrap eye cheeses in plastic wrap for short periods for home use, it’s best to store them by wrapping the cheese in greaseproof paper and over-wrapping with aluminium foil.

Make sure to replace the wrapping regularly.

Store in the fridge in a separate compartment or a large, sealed plastic container.