All About Cheese

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St Clair Eye Swiss

Swiss-style (Emmental)

Swiss-style cheese, also known as Emmental, has large, round eyes dotted throughout. The eyes should be smooth, round and glossy, and flavour is sweet and mild, with tones of hazelnut. Both Tasmanian Heritage St Claire and Australian Gold Swiss are locally produced Swiss-style cheeses with great flavour.


Gouda Eye

Originally Dutch, Gouda (pronounced ‘gow-da’), is a semi-hard cheese with a buttery-golden centre and thin, yellow waxed rind.  Gouda is made into a wheel shape and sold whole or in wedges.  Varieties imported from Holland, the country of origin, are available under the South Cape label and locally produced Gouda is made by Australian Gold. Gouda can also be smoked or flavoured, like South Cape Spiced Gouda which is flavoured with caraway seeds. Aged Gouda develops a firmer texture and sweet almost caramel-like flavour, and can be used in place of Parmesan.


Edam Eye

Similar to Gouda, Edam is made from reduced-fat milk and formed into a striking red-waxed ball. It also comes cut and packaged into wedges.  Both the imported South Cape Edam  from Holland and locally made Australian Gold Edam have tiny pinhole eyes, a smooth body and a mild, slightly nutty taste.


Havarti Eye

Softer, more buttery and tangy than other eye cheese styles, Havarti hails originally from Denmark. With small, irregular-shaped eyes and a mellow texture, this cheese is great as either a table or cooking cheese. Australian Gold Havarti is a subtle creamy version worth trying.


Gruyere Eye

The hero cheese in a fondue, Gruyère was first made in the Swiss Alps and later, in France. Gruyère has a distinctive taste – a sweet and salty, intense nuttiness with great depth of flavour. It is prized in cooking, as heating releases its aromas and melts it into a silky smoothness. Heidi Farm produces Gruyère in a small truckle-shaped barrel and a large aged wheel and it is one of Australia’s most awarded cheeses.


Raclette Eye

A great melting cheese, Raclette is a subtle cheese with a pale golden interior and sticky orange rind. Once heated, it releases a full perfumed sweetness with a savoury finish. Traditionally, melted over potatoes by the Swiss and French, Raclette is a fine cooking cheese.  Heidi Farm Raclette is Australia’s premier Raclette cheese.


Tilsit was first made in Prussia, by Russian-Swiss immigrants producing cheese in the Gouda-style with local ingredients. It comes in a block shape or round with small, irregular eyes and a robust flavour. Heidi Farm Tilsit has a rich, dense texture and is wonderful eaten with bread for breakfast.


Maasdam was created by the Dutch to emulate the Switzerland’s Emmental. It is therefore very similar to Swiss-style cheese in appearance and flavour, but softer in texture. South Cape Maasdam is a creamy, sweet and nutty example of this cheese style.