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Fetta is the original mountain shepherd’s cheese made for thousands of years in Greece, and later, throughout the Balkans and Middle East. Now it is made throughout Europe, the US and Australia.

A moist, crumbly white cheese, it is formed into large blocks, before being sliced and then stored in brine. The brine effectively ‘pickles’ the cheese, preserving it and giving it saltiness.

Although traditionally a sheep’s milk cheese, today, Fetta is made worldwide from sheep, goat and/or cow’s milk. Some Fettas are very moist and crumbly; others are firmer and easier to cut. Flavour, texture and style will vary from region to region.

Creamy yet crumbly, Fetta cheese adds a salty tastiness to salads, antipasto and wonderful savoury pastries, like Greek spinach pie.

This Mediterranean classic hails from Greece, but is today made around the world and its popularity is growing.