All About Cheese

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Selecting & Serving

In Homer’s classic work, The Odyssey (written in 800BC), it is believed that the cheese found in the cave of the one-eyed Cyclops, Polyphemus, was indeed fetta cheese.

Select Fetta cheese that is either immersed in brine or in vacuum-sealed packs. The cheese should be fresh-looking and moist, not dry.

Slice, cube or crumble Fetta over salads, pasta dishes and fillings; or simply serve a piece of fetta drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and oregano at the table with crusty bread for starters.

Tip: if you find the Fetta you have is too salty for your taste, soak it in milk or cold water for ten minutes.

Store it right

Place Fetta in a sealed container or plastic-covered bowl, in any accompanying liquid (if applicable) and store in the fridge.

It’s best to avoid plastic bowls which can absorb fats and odours, use glass or china, but not metal.

Fetta can also be drizzled with olive oil and dried herbs (such as oregano) and stored in a plastic wrap-covered bowl.

Use Fetta within a week of opening, and be guided by Best Before date.

Only freeze Fetta if it is an ingredient in a cooked dish, like a pastry or pie.