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Greek Fetta

Greek-style Fetta

Made from sheep’s milk and also cow’s milk, Greek-style Fetta has a creamy but sharp and salty taste, with a coarse open texture that makes it easy to crumble. Fetta made with cow’s milk, like South Cape Greek-style Fetta, will usually have a creamy, white colour and firmer texture.

Danish-style Fetta

Danish Style Fetta

Although based on traditional Fetta techniques, Danish-style Fetta is typically creamier and smoother in texture than the Greek-style with a tangy aftertaste and is usually made with cow’s milk. South Cape Tasmanian Fetta is made in the Danish-style.

Goat's Fetta

Fetta made with goat’s milk, like South Cape Goat’s Fetta, has a bright white colour and satiny texture with a tangy goat’s milk flavour that adds a different dimension to the cheese.

Marinated Fetta

Marinated Fetta

Fetta cheese also comes marinated in olive oil or a blend of oils, mixed with aromatic flavours like herbs, spices, garlic and peppercorns.  The flavoured oil also helps to preserve the cheese, so marinated fetta will keep longer. South Cape Persian Fetta is a unique style of marinated fetta - soft and succulent in an aromatic oil blend it is definitely in a class all its own.

Flavoured Fetta

A recent innovation, Fetta cheese now also comes combined with wonderful savoury flavours like those in the South Cape range that come peppered, with olives, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, herbs and/or garlic.