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Being the simplest of cheeses, centuries ago Fresh cheeses evolved as a way to make use of surplus milk. By souring the milk, either with lemon juice or vinegar, creamy curds were formed then strained to produce a simple cheese.

These cheeses are also called Fresh unripened cheese because they do not require ageing but rather are prized for their fresh, delicate flavour – the fresher the better!

Today, the process is more sophisticated, there are many flavours available and forms will vary from cheese to cheese, but the milky sweetness of these cheeses continues to be much loved all around the world.

Snow-white and wonderful, Fresh cheeses, like Cream cheese, Ricotta, Cottage cheese, Mascarpone and even Fruit cheeses, have a fresh creaminess and mild taste that appeals to young and old. Infinitely spreadable and succulent, these cheeses work their magic from breakfast, lunch and dinner all the way to dessert!