All About Cheese

Brie & Strawberries


That when “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey”, the nursery rhyme was probably referring to a bowl of Cottage cheese!

Cottage cheese

Comprised of small soft creamy curds, Cottage cheese is said to have earned its name from the farmhouse cottages it was made in – often with the milk left from making butter. One of the lowest fat cheeses, Cottage cheese is an excellent way to get that creamy kick with only a little fat!

Cream cheese

A spreadable and baking favourite, Cream cheese is a soft, creamy mild cheese that is said to have been invented by mistake by a New York dairyman in 1872.  It is a versatile product that comes in block, spreadable or reduced-fat varieties and works in both savoury and sweet recipes, especially cheesecake!

Fruit and Savoury cheese

These popular flavoured cream cheeses come in fabulous flavour combinations, both savoury and sweet, and can include herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and even chocolate.

Australian Gold has one of the best ranges of these cheeses - either peppered with savoury flavours, like onion and chive, or herb and garlic; or swirled with fruity flavours like apricot and almond, or fruit and brandy - they are instant crowd pleasers on a platter!


Velvety smooth, with the consistency that resembles cream cheese, mascarpone became famous world-wide as the key ingredient in Tiramisu, but is also at home in cheesecakes, pasta sauces, as a spread or dip base, and is luscious dolloped on dessert. Mascarpone originated in Northern Italy but it is best to choose local varieties, like the excellent South Cape Mascarpone, to ensure you are getting as fresh a product as possible.


An Italian favourite, Ricotta was originally made from the whey leftover from Parmesan cheese making and gets its name from the Italian words for “re-cooked”. Soft and supple curds are strained into a basket mould to form a dome-shaped wheel. A good Ricotta’s subtle taste should be reminiscent of freshly cooked scrambled eggs. It is best bought fresh from the wheel and used within a day or two.

Fresh curd cheese

Sometimes called fromage blanc, fromage frais or simply fresh curd cheese, these are soft creamy cheeses with a refreshing, acidic tang. They can be made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk, and their flavour really relies on the quality of milk. As they are very moist, they spoil quickly, and so must be used within a day of purchase to ensure they are at their best.