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 Goat’s curd cheeses have been made in farmhouses and mountain villages throughout the Middle East and Europe for thousands of years, as a way to preserve milk.  

Fresh Goat’s cheese, also known as Chèvre by the French, is simply made by curdling the milk, straining and salting it. It produces a creamy, tart cheese with an edge, due to the gamey flavour of the goat’s milk.

The versatility and silky texture of Goat’s cheese has led it to become a chef’s favourite in dishes ranging from entrée and main, to the cheese course and even dessert.

The lively taste of silky Goat’s Cheese means it can be enjoyed in a wide range of cuisines, from Middle Eastern banquets and Italian pasta dishes to French farmhouse platters.

Creamy yet tart; savoury but with sweetness; the contrasting flavours of Goat’s cheese make it an inspiring choice.