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Selecting & Serving

Say Cheese. It’s customary for photographers to encourage their subjects to “Say Cheese” as it forms their mouths into a smile-like shape and also makes them giggle - but in China they say the Chinese word for ‘eggplant’, in Korea it’s ‘kimchi’, and the Latin Americans say ‘whiskey’.

Soft Goat’s cheese should be pristine white in colour and appear soft and moist. It is best purchased in sealed packaging or jars to be assured of freshness. Use as soon as possible and be guided by the Best Before date.

Soft Goat’s cheese is wonderfully versatile. Use it as a spread, for antipasto, on pizzas, for fillings and stuffings, or salads.

Semi-hard Goat’s cheese will have a mottled, uneven textured rind and strong earthy smell when fully ripe, which is close to the Best Before date.  It is a lovely addition to a cheese platter, adding interest with its unique shape and flavour.

Store it right

Wrap Soft Goat’s cheese in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator.

For Semi-hard Goat’s cheese styles, wrap in greaseproof or waxed paper and loosely over-wrap in plastic wrap. This way the cheese can continue to ‘breathe’ without drying out. Make sure to replace the wrapping regularly.

Store in the fridge in a separate compartment or a large, sealed plastic container.

Goat’s cheese is not recommended to freeze.