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Soft Goats

Soft Goat's Cheese (Chevre)

Creamy and spreadable, soft Goat’s cheese is a fresh unripened cheese with a tangy acidity that balances its creaminess. Goat’s cheese comes in logs, cones or pyramids; as a plain curd, rolled in ash or flavoured with herbs and spices. Smooth and satiny, the South Cape range includes plain Goat’s cheese, Goat’s cheese in Ash and Herb & Garlic.

Marinated Goat's Cheese

Marinated Goats

Goat’s cheese marinated in oil flavoured with herbs, garlic, spices and peppercorns makes for a wonderful easy spread or antipasto.

Semi-hard Goat's Cheese

Semi Hard Goats

 Firmer Goat’s cheeses made in the Crottin de Chavignol style, are formed into small cylinders and matured for at least 4 weeks. They have a white, mottled rind and almost chalky centre, becoming more pungent and sharper in flavour with age.