Enjoying Cheese

Host your own cheese & wine tasting

Once you have discovered a passion for good cheese and fine wine, why not share the experience with friends and family by having your own cheese and wine tasting.

There are several ways to conduct a cheese and wine tasting:

Formal cheese & wine matching

Formal cheese & wine matching

Usually a sit-down affair, a formal cheese and wine matching is a systematic tasting of a series of cheeses and wines.

Participants progress through the selected cheeses and recommended wines in a set order of tasting – from lighter styles to more robust. The group is encouraged to define, discuss and debate the qualities of each cheese/wine, separately and together, in the search for a perfect match. The emphasis here is on building knowledge and experience of both cheese and wine.

Less formal cheese & wine matching

Less formal cheese & wine tasting

The less formal option is usually a stand-up, cocktail party-style event that can be a fun way to entertain a crowd.

The cheese can simply be arranged on large platters on the table, complete with labels and a complementary wine alongside.  Guests are free to taste, match and mingle.  

For a large group, you can arrange the cheese and matched wine at stations around the table or at different points in the room, which encourages mingling. The emphasis here is mostly social, as entertaining with cheese and wine is very convivial.