Enjoying Cheese

On the night

Red wine glasses

Wine and beer service

Sparkling wines should be served well chilled, straight from the refrigerator. Open and pour into flutes just before guests are ready to begin tasting. Seal open bottles with a champagne stopper and keep on ice or in the refrigerator.

White and medium-bodied red wines (like Pinot Noir) should be chilled for just half and hour so they are just under room temperature when being served. For ease, open ahead of time and re-cork until ready to serve. Keep open bottles on ice or refrigerated.

Most red wines can be served at room temperature. Either decant or pour directly into wine glasses at each place setting up to an hour ahead of time so the wine can breathe.

Beer is actually best served a little under room temperature for tasting because if it is too chilled the flavours are masked.

Tasting sheet

For a formal matching session, provide guests with a pen and tasting sheet that lists the selected cheeses and accompanying wines and has space for them to write in their notes and flavour experiences. The Cheesematters Tasting Notes can be used for this purpose and will also serve as a welcome reminder of the cheese tasting.

For a stand-up tasting, should you wish to, the tasting sheet can be given to guests to take to each cheese and wine station with them to fill in. Providing a clipboard for this purpose works well.