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Originating in Naples, Italy, it is said that the first Mozzarella was made when a cheese curd accidentally fell into a bucket of warm water, creating a smooth, pliable cheese. From these humble beginnings, it has become a truly universal cheese, with pride of place on pizzas everywhere, from Italy and the USA to Australia and even Japan.

Part of the ‘stretched curd’ (pasta filata) family of cheeses, Mozzarella-styles are kneaded, spun and shaped in warm water during making. This produces the stringiness that stretches when melted.

Fresh, very moist styles, like Bocconcini, are soft and juicy and are perfect eaten fresh, whereas firmer Mozzarellas are ideal to slice or grate for melting.

With a soft, textured centre and luscious stringy stretch, Mozzarella-style cheeses are a world-wide family favourite.