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Washed Rind cheeses have been made in Europe since the Middle Ages and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with a distinctive character. The process of washing the rind of the cheese as it matures, keeps it soft and supple, and develops its great flavour.

Washed Rind cheeses are bathed or scrubbed with brine or other liquids, such as wine, to encourage the growth of the surface culture - Brevibacterium Linens (known affectionately as Brevy!). This gives Washed Rind cheeses a sticky orange surface that darkens with age, and an earthy, almost ambrosial aroma.

Although still edible, at times the rind may be overpowering and too ‘wild’ to enjoy, so feel free to eat it or leave it as you prefer.

One of the most intriguing of cheeses, Washed Rind cheese combines the beauty of a pale orange coat with a luscious golden centre and a wonderful wild aroma.

Although these ‘smelly cheeses’ take a little getting used to, cheese lovers know that the pungent aroma is a direct contrast to the sweet and earthy flavour of the cheese, once tasted.