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Washed Rind Cheese

Tasmanian Heritage Red Square


Tasting Profile:

Tasmanian Heritage Red Square has a vibrant burnished orange bloom coming through the white surface mould. Its centre is an intense cream colour in semi-gloss. Red Square has a distinct Brevi aroma of barnyard. Tasmanian Heritage Red Square has an intense savouriness, with mushroom, almost porcini like tones and a pleasant touch of bitter. It has a buttery mouth feel that lingers.

Available at:

Most major supermarkets and delis

King Island Dairy Stormy Washed Rind


Tasting Profile:

As Stormy Washed Rind ripens its powdery white rind develops an apricot hue and the viscous glossy pale yellow centre bulges only slightly when pressed. Stormy Washed Rind has a beautiful woodland mushroom aroma. Ripe Stormy has a nicely balanced buttery mushroom flavour with a lingering creamy mouth feel and after taste. It has a pleasant resistance to its rind.

Available at:

Selected delis and fromageries