All About Cheese

Brie & Strawberries

Selecting & Serving

In 2004, Scientists from Cranfield University, UK, conducted tests to determine what could be the smelliest cheese in the world. Assisted by an ‘electronic nose’ and panel of tasters, the most smelly was Vieux Boulogne from Northern France – a washed rind cheese brushed with beer.

Select Washed Rind cheese with a well-developed orange coat that appears moist or sticky, not dry or cracked. Soft varieties should give way under gentle thumb pressure – much like testing for a ripe avocado.  

The aroma can vary from light and flowery to quite powerful but don’t be put off! Chances are, the stronger the aroma, the more flavoursome the cheese.

Washed Rind cheeses are best eaten when they are fully ripe, which is close to the Best Before date. Also make sure they are served at room temperature for best flavour.

A nice and ripe Washed Rind cheese serves as the ‘show-stopper’ on a cheese platter, and will definitely get your guests talking! It is also really good with a tall glass of beer and hearty sourdough bread, for a snack in front of the footy!

Store it right

 Wrap in greaseproof or waxed paper and loosely over-wrap in plastic wrap.
This way the cheese can continue to ‘breathe’ without drying out.

Make sure to replace the wrapping regularly.

Store in the fridge in